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Life Force Energy Therapies

Qualified Holistic Therapy Practitioner: Reiki Master & Teacher, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Certified Angel Guide & Soul Midwife. Based in Washington, Tyne and Wear.


Hello, I’m Sally

All the energy healing practices here focus on guiding your inner energy, vibrations and frequencies to help you be the best you can be and thrive. When balanced, you’re in sync with your body’s powerfully natural, inner wellbeing. Each healing system allows you to be, live and experience the life you were born to have with abundant health and happiness.

How Energy Therapy helps:

Your problems or concerns are unique to you and so is your healing session. Each time is tailored to match your own needs.

Our individual, personal energy field is the key to our wellness. Your unique being is linked to Quantum Energy Field – a non-physical and invisible universal energy or Life Force Energy that vibrates at a higher level. Life Force is what connects your body, mind, and soul together. It allows you to grow, focus, find happiness and peace.

I support you in accessing your body’s natural, innate healing potential. Working at cellular level, we restore, balance and soothe the mind, body and emotional harmony.

Energy healing work helps facilitate the energy to pass through and help clear any lower frequencies or energies to bring you balance. I simply direct the energy to assist and help you to tap into personal healing responses, frequencies and internal energy signatures.

By activating your body’s subtle energy systems, I can help you to balance your physical systems, flush out toxins, help calm the mind and open the heart allowing the body’s inherent ability to heal itself as it “tunes back in with itself.”

How Do You Know if Your Life Force Energy isn’t flowing well?

Struggling with your normal day to day routine or feel tired are sure signs that your vitality and Life Force is running low or empty. You can’t see it but you can certainly feel it.

When you feel either well rested and full of energy or have days when you’re tired and irritable, these are all signs of either full, healthy energy or depleted, unbalanced energy

Here are some signs that your energy is running dry and you’re nearly out of gas:

◉ Chronic fatigue ◉ Stress ◉ Not enough sleep or too much sleep ◉ Mental instability and mood changes ◉ Chronic aches and pains ◉ Negative attitude ◉ Depression or anxiety ◉ Weight gain or weight loss

What’s important is to keep your energy channels free flowing for complete wellness. If  your energies become unbalanced or “stuck”, you begin to feel dis-ease and unwell.

Working with your energy field, you’ll  be able to transform your life and dissolve any long hidden blockages or jams in your energy stream so you can flow with a more fulfilling and abundant life.

Each one of us holds the ability to boost our own:

◉ The Immune System ◉ Release stress, anxiety, worry or fear ◉ Clear and balance the overactive mind ◉ Soothe physical traumas and emotional pain ◉ Find a sense of happiness, allowing a feeling of calm and natural vitality.

 If you feel better, you heal better. Relaxation is one of the keys to healing.

Using energy to heal, we don’t need to know the cause of illness. Universal Energy automatically and intelligently goes to where it’s needed in the body, addresses the root of the cause of dis-ease, and speeds up the healing process. With it being fully positive energy, it doesn’t cause any harm to either the recipient or the healer.

These following pages let you know my healing approaches and if one, or more, call out to you, we can work with what speaks. Being guided is a response from your own inner wisdom. If you are unsure, I can intuitively craft a session after we have had a consultation.


What is Life Force Energy?

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Albert Einstein

We all share one common factor :– We are energy.

Life Force is part of the Quantum Energy Field. It is the essence of life and vitality that flows through all things. It runs through our every cell and organs from the heart beat, brain waves, blood circulation to the breath – the difference between life and death. It flows through plants, water, crystals, animals, humans, and anything that comes from nature. Earth itself has a life force.

Energy Therapy uses many different frequency techniques from the Quantum Field which exists all around us. Different healing practices help us to tap into the field and frequencies which allows the body to realign to its natural state of balance and harmony. It goes deep to the cellular level of our bodies. It’s simple, safe and can do no harm.

Energies run through channels within the body known as chakras (psychic centres), meridians and nadis (energy channels) with one main energy column along the spine called Sushumna.

Our energies all have their own, unique, natural frequencies. Living energy systems are documented and utilised by many ancient traditions still practiced today such as Accupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Thai Massage. This energy is known as “Life Force Energy”, “Prana”, “Sen Sib”, Bindu (drops of essence) or “Ki”. This is our own, internal, subtle power supply.



My Services


Crystal Healing Therapy

Sound Therapy

Animal Reiki

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My Services


Soul Midwife

Crystal Healing Therapy

Sound Therapy

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Animal Reiki