The healing benefits of Crystal Therapy

Crystals work on your energy fields to help heal:

◉ Stress
◉ Pain
◉ Low mood
◉ Headaches/migraines
◉ Emotional turmoil
◉ Overactivity
◉ Underactivity
◉ Joint pain
◉ Chakra clearing*
◉ Promotes the body’s self-healing abilities
Encourages relaxation
◉ Can support the balance of emotional energy
◉ Holds gentle loving space for emotional release
◉ Support mental clarity and calm the overactive mind
◉ Increases mental and emotional awareness
◉ Encourages creativity to flow
◉ Unlocks intuition
◉ Magnifies energy where needed

*Our Chakras are spinning disks of energy connected to our nerves, major organs and areas of the energetic fields that affect our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. To be balanced they should be “open” and aligned to fully function and support the body. It’s believed there are 114 different chakras, but the most commonly known are are the seven main chakras which run along your spine.

An Introduction

Crystals and gemstones have fascinated humans since the dawn of time and have been fundamental in our daily lives, without most of us even knowing it. Crystal Healing is by no means a new concept, especially for healing.

Each crystal or gemstone is made by the earth over a transformation of gases, minerals and molecules. They are more than atomic structures. They hold beneficial vibrations, which when properly cleared, charged and activated can have profound healing benefits for the human body rooted deep into the cellular level.

What they do:

Vibrations surround all matter – sound, colour, light, minerals, plants, animals and humans. When the energies of crystals are added to our energetic fields, a new, combined, vibrational energy is created. The blending of the two vibrations or electromagnetic energy fields, merge to form perfect harmony which helps raise our energies to higher levels.

By making crystal healing arrangements and using the power of intention, crystals help to realign the body’s energy fields, open the energy points of the body (chakras) and promote an overall feeling of wellbeing, realignment and revitalised energy. I use crystals either by their traditional healing properties or by colour therapy after a body scan consultation.

History of Crystal Therapy

Crystals and the knowledge of their beneficial healing properties has lasted from ancient times.

The Sumerians, believed to be the creators of the world’s earliest known civilization, used these mineral rocks in their magical formulas.

The ancient Egyptians used them as talismans for healing and protection, especially in the afterlife. In ancient Greeks also believed in crystal properties – the name crystal, is derived from the Greek word “krystallos” which means ice.

Moving along the timeline, in Europe, during the Middle Ages, belief in the healing properties of crystals was widespread. Additionally, in North America, the Hopi Native American tribe have long used crystals to diagnose illness, believing they can help a medicine man or woman have clear vision in their healing practices.

What to expect in a session with Crystal Therapy:

Crystal therapy is a non-invasive healing experience where crystals are arranged around the body, on or near the energy centres of the Chakras to help realign and restore energy balance within and around the body. We will first do a consultation using colour and a body scan. This will give an insight into how I can best support you  and be a guide to which crystals are needed. Using colour goes to a  deeper level with the extremely powerful, yet loving and gentle energy of the crystals to help your healing.

The therapy brings deep relaxation and allows the release of stuck energies. They aid releasing trapped energy that’s not helping the body to function well or be in balance.

Crystals are selected either by their colour, healing properties or by intuition, depending on the consultation. They are cleansed and prepared before and after every use. When you receive the treatment, you will be fully clothed and in a safe, loving and supportive space that will allow you to replenish and heal. You will first be guided and brought to the central point of relaxation and comfort before the crystals are placed. No crystals are placed on personal areas. My hands are not placed on the body – they’re simply used to smooth out and adjust vibrations and energies surrounding the body.
If you feel emotional, or have a release, you will be supported and guided through anything which surfaces.

Types of Treatment Available

– All will be tailored to your unique needs

◉ Crystal Healing Therapy

◉ Crystal Healing Therapy with Reiki

◉ Crystal Healing Therapy with Sound Therapy