Sound Healing

Have a full body massage with the vibrations of Sound Therapy.

This can be an unforgettable Sound experience for anyone looking for deep relaxation, rejuvenation, connection and  great insights can be accessed during your inward journey.

Time is suspended as you enter and become immersed in a world of vibration and sensation leaving you feeling vibrant and alive. Once you’ve had your first Sound experience you’ll want more.

85% of all dis-ease and illness are caused by emotional stress. The patterns of this stress show up as imbalanced frequencies in our energy field. Sound Therapy, through physics principles of resonance, provides the body and mind the opportunity to return to an energetically balanced centre.

The nervous system resets into a more relaxed place resulting in sometimes immediate and profound relief from pain, tension and stress.

Your body is made up of 70% water which conducts sound beautifully. Every cell, organ and bone within us has it’s own resonant frequency. When all frequencies work together, they are like instruments in an orchestra playing in harmony. When one part of the body is out of tune, it will eventually affect the whole body.

Through working with the resonance principles, it is possible to use Sound to bring the body back into harmony and balance.

I use Tibetan/Himalayan Bowls, Crystal bowls, chimes, tingsha bells, rain sticks, Shamanic drums and other sacred tools to enhance and deepen your journey within, and letting go. You will float and drift into a space of peace and wellbeing. Bowls and instruments will be played around or directly on the body as a sonic massage to help regain your natural flow and energy rhythms.

Sound Therapy for You

Your body is intelligent and it will give you signs if there are imbalances. These signs can be listened to and changed. Sound can help to release stuck emotions gently allowing peace of mind, clarity, and focus.

Sound Therapy Can help:

◉ Clearing toxins from the body
◉ Disturbed sleeping patterns
◉ Anxiety
◉ Tinnitus
◉ Migraines
◉ Headaches
◉ Digestive problems
◉ Period pains
◉ Mood swings
◉ Tiredness
◉ Insomnia
◉ Muscle tension
◉ Low mood

1-2-1 sessions are focused on your needs and great for working on specific issues. They are completely tailored to suit you and last an hour.


Sound Therapy

Sound Healing  is a relaxing, mindful and meditative experience. It is like a massage by sound! Sound waves will be created to immerse you into a deep state of relaxation which is the key to healing. As we know, sound travels by air, the sound frequencies and vibrations help clear and flush out any energies that are stuck.

This gentle, but powerful healing technique allows created frequencies and vibrations to therapeutically help your inner healing systems and bring a state of harmony and health. It can be hugely beneficial to help feelings of depression; chronic fatigue; anxiety; chronic pain; insomnia; allergies; autoimmune diseases and digestive problems.

Sound is connected to the air element which circulates energy, sets things in motion, moves things along, stirs things up and clears the way for positivity. To create a healing connection and produce sound waves like sonar, singing bowls (Crystal and Himalayan), chimes, Tingsha bells, voice or toning and breath are used to move and clear energy that is creating disharmony in the physical, mental or emotional fields. Setting healing intention is also key: “Sound plus intention equals healing” (Jonathan Goldman).

You may have heard of, or taken part in, sound bathing in a group setting.  Sound Healing on an individual basis is a more powerful, direct therapy and is tailored to each persons needs.

Your Sound healing therapy comes with my knowledge of how resonance, with fundemental sound / pitch of note and harmonics, will deepley benefit you after we’ve completed a full consultation and body scan assessment. I will then select and use instruments best fitting for your healing.


The Benefits:

◉ Aids in relaxation
◉ Pain relief
◉ Improved health
◉ Improved energy
◉ Improved sleep
◉ Clarity and focus
◉ Sadness and depression
◉ Improved breathing
◉ Animal healing
◉ Mild osteoporosis
◉ Fibromyalgia
◉ Improved mobility
◉ Child relaxation

Your 1-2-1 Sound Healing Session will be tailored to your unique needs

As a guideline you will receive:

◉ A 15-minute consultation and body/chakra scan to find out your needs. If it is your first session, I will fully explain the process and everything I will be doing in the therapy.
◉  You will be fully clothed and in a relaxing position throughout. The Sound Therapy will be given using a combination of instruments chosen just for you. There will then be integration time to allow the new energy waves to infuse and blend together within your body.

It is highly recommended a series of four Sound treatments should be expereienced in order to gain maximum benefit from this therapy. Each session builds on the last as the vibrations work progressively deeper to promote healing.