Mind Relaxation

Our world is now a 24/7 global output of constant information downloads, making it difficult to press our pause button.

The mind is a muscle. It works constantly, but like the physical body, it needs its rest and down time even when we are awake.

The purpose of mind relaxation is to make space for our mind to become calm.

If our mind is less distracted, we can free ourselves from worries and mental discomfort. If our mind is not peaceful, we will find it very difficult to be happy, even if we are living in the very best conditions.

The more we can train our mind to rest, through practicing mind relaxation and meditation, our mind will gradually become more peaceful and we will experience a purer form of happiness.

Eventually, through practice and training, our mind will achieve a natural state of happiness all the time, even in the most difficult circumstances.



Mind Relaxation

This is a tranquil space to bring yourself into peace, calm and feeling free as soon as you step into this relaxation time . It is an opportunity to reach a still point of inner calm and remove the “noise” which allows your body and mind to step back, reflect, change emotional states and resolve any inner tensions. By doing this you allow yourself to cope positively with daily life and whatever it brings.

Weaving breath work, crystal energies, colour work with crystals, Reiki, chanting mantras, affirmations, visualisations, and sound therapy into each practice, we will loosen energetic attachments that have formed. We can begin to detach cords which keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns and drain our energy.

Your session is tailored just for you to nourish and nurture your soul, creating a scared, safe space for your mind, spirit and body to heal, explore and expand.

Life can be very busy, we find ourselves under pressure from many things, running around on automatic pilot, feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by things in front of us.

Mind Relaxation is a holistic place to give you time, tools and skills to settle, rebalance and realign to the magic of you.

Life Force Energy Therapies is based in a beautifully maintained therapy room nicknamed the “Calming Cabin” or “The Healing Hut”.

The cabin is nestled in a private, peaceful, well-kept garden with seasonal flowers and plants to promote the importance of being connected with nature to aid healing, allowing positive energies to flow.

The therapy room has been carefully arranged, soundproofed and dedicated to promoting calm, healing experiences of tranquillity, relaxation, stress reduction and is a safe and private environment with no distractions.